Why FALCON 1 ?

“máme dušu a máme cieľ”

As an active athlete, I have always had an inner motivation for personal growth. My personal desire has been transferred to my mission and as the founder of CrossFit Senec, I have an exact measurable goal: to improve the lives of one thousand people. Not athletes, but ordinary people. I am glad that the mission is gradually being fulfilled. The enthusiasm of our crossfit community is contagious. As well as our common goal.

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CrossFit road etc.
life style.

Together with the client, we created a unique visual across a wide range of existing colors that fit into a simple concept. The display is also suitable for mobile devices.

Regular exercise = HEALTH

Our team of trainers strives to inspire people to make their lives better and better thanks to regular exercise. Everything else, such as a strong and flexible body and excellent condition, is just the icing on the cake, which is closely related to regular movement.

We break down myths, we build health from 6 to 65+.

At Crossfit Senec, we dispel the myth that crossfit is only for top athletes. How? The proof is more than 240 satisfied and enthusiastic members from the age of 6 to seniors over 65. We will always make sure that crossfit is really for everyone - and so it will be with us in Falcon 1 Crossfit.

The real product is the BETTER AND HEALTHY SELF.

The first results are within 2-3 weeks, if you follow a regular training process. There is no need to give up, but to think positively. You do it for yourself and that's the biggest bonus. Seeing your progress will motivate you to further training.